Risk review and global documentation of controlled transactions

Transfer Pricing Risk Assessment and Global Documentation policy of controlled transactions

Transfer Pricing Risk Assessment:

We conduct reviews on Transfer Pricing policies and business operations in order to identify risks and minimize them.

Global Documentation Policy:

Not all countries have transfer pricing regulations or require transfer pricing documentations. As a result, it is necessary to set up a documentation policy according to the needs of each group and their countries of residency always according to the standards of the OECD. Our firm advises Spanish companies and multinational groups on establishing an effective documentation policy for the group as a whole and for the entities belonging to it. Our work comprehends the following:

  • Draft of the documentation regarding controlled transactions at a group level (CbCReport and master file) at an individual company level (local file) with the support of our worldwide network with presence in 79 countries.
  • Advice and train the staff of the company for the future management and update of the documentation in subsequent financial years.
  • Assist and bring to completion tasks carried out by the company by performing checklists, economic analysis and benchmarking studies to complete and update the transfer pricing documentation in subsequent financial years.