Transaction Support

In coming years, the insurance industry in Spain will face important challenges related to its own reorganization and that of its partners/competitors in the financial sector

Adding to the above the increasingly important implications of the capital and risk management requirements in all of these decisions, it is essential to penetrate this field, with a truly specialized advice.

Mazars makes available professionals with extensive experience for the insurance market to understand and value, beyond the regular implications of any transaction, those particularly related to the insurance sector and its current and potentially future regulatory framework. For such purpose, our professionals contribute with the following:

  • Extensive knowledge of regulatory environments to which insurance entities are subject, as well as of the potential impacts of those changes approaching at the short and mid-terms.
  • National and international experience in similar processes, as well as in a variety of contexts.
  • A platform specialized in the valuation and analysis of financial products, allowing us a constant search for consistency with financial markets.
  • An international insurance team, integrated at European and worldwide level, allowing us to offer a quality specialized offer everywhere.