Objectives of the RRF

The purpose of the RRF is to become a driver of the employment creation and to promote the sustainable growth.

It has the following main four objectives

  • Environmental sustainability
  • Productivity
  • Equality
  • Macroeconomic stability

For such end, the EU Member States will have to prepare the national Recovery and Resilience Plans (NRRP), establishing their investment and reform programme for 2021-23.

The NRRP must be approved by the European Commission, and will be materialised through the State’s General Budget. In turn, the General State Administration will transfer the funds to the Autonomous Communities and locales Entities through conventions and grants, linked to the EU 4 priority areas: ecologic transition, digital transformation, social and territorial cohesion, and equality.


What projects can receive funds?

Those projects that can generate a long-lasting impact, and which are aligned with the three transformation vectors defined by the EU, which in summary are the following:

  • Ecologic transition
  • Technological transformation
  • Reindustrialisation

For any questions, you can contact us at the following email fondoseuropeos@mazars.es