We count with a multidisciplinary team, consisting of auditors, consultants and legal and tax advisors, specialized in the banking sector, who provide advice to national and international entities with a significant presence in the markets, as well as to national and European regulators and supervisors. Our integrated model, unique in the sector, allows our professionals to become part of a single global team who works in a coordinated manner for clients from all territories, with one single methodology.

Challenges faced by entities

The banking sector must face a complex and instable economic and financial environment, marked by strong regulatory (PSD2, Basil III, NIIF 9, NPLs…) and technological changes. In turn, credit institutions must anticipate the greater share and weight of emerging markets, and new competitors coming from different sectors, while managing the clients and shareholders’ growing expectations.

Our service offer

Audit and Assurance

  • Accounting Audit
  • Internal Audit services
  • Assurance: we carry out assurance engagements, applying international standards of auditing, on the effectiveness of companies’ internal control systems, such as financial reporting systems (SCIIF) or Operating Risk Systems, among others. We also assist our clients with the verification of Non-Financial Information Statements and sustainability reports, issued under ISAE 3000.
  • Accounting Advisory services: on complex operations, which analysis provides values to entities, furnishing technical solutions for their challenges and objectives.
  • Outsourcing / Interim Management: we offer professionals specialized on the different services delivered by us, in order to cover specific situations or needs required by financial institutions at any time, minimizing risks faced by the and optimizing processes on which they will act.

Regulatory & Compliance

  • Regulatory Reporting: we provide assistance to our clients to improve regulatory compliance processes and controls, as well as to ensure the correct financial reporting process (Spanish Accounting Regulations, Statements Bank of Spain, SCIIF, IFRS, US GAAP).
  • Regulatory Compliance: we cover services from the definition and advice on regulatory impacts in entities, to the implementation and efficiency of the appropriate control environment for the efficient monitoring, control and regulatory compliance Circular 1/2014 de la CNMV, Circular 6/2009 of the CNMV, MIFID II, MIFIR, PRIIPS,Basil III, IFRS, USGAAP and Circular 4/2017, among others).
  • Administrative and Accounting services: we offer efficient solutions to provide support to the accounting administrative back-office, for financial institutions and their investees, both at individual and consolidated level.
  • Internal Control services: we provide solutions, from the correct design, implementation and internal advertising of internal control systems, to the performance of operating efficiency tests, identifying uncovered risks and optimizing models.

Consulting services

We offer comprehensive strategic advice in relation to risk management, regulation and all aspects related to digital and technologic transformation.


  • Risk Management
  • Regulation
  • Digital Transformation
  • Technology
  • Financial Function

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Legal and Tax

Our legal and tax advisory expertise in the banking sector focuses on operations / transactions performed by financial institutions, asset managers and suppliers of services related to entities’ procedural defence.


  • Advice in Corporate Financing and Project Finance operations.
  • Procedural and recovery right in favour of the entity, managing massive claims of loans’ defaults, entity’s defence in court or bankruptcy procedures, additionally providing mutually-agreed solutions to avoid lawsuits.
  • Legal advice in sales of portfolios (NPLs).

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