In Spain the Retail & Consumer sector is sensitive to multiple factors that face a stagnation of the population and some already palpable changes in consumer habits.

Sector challenges...

The sector’s companies find themselves before new priorities:

  • Consolidation of their position before competition which strengthens every day, ahead of vast distribution and of a context in which the markets grow on a worldwide level.
  • Development of a risk management system: alimentary security, crisis communications and environment,
  • Insure the supply routes and elaborate new production line methods,
  • Improve innovation capabilities and carry out a management policy of its most emblematic products.

Our response...

Activity and experience in the sector based on:

  • A focused service thanks to the profound understanding of the sector,
  • Understanding its progress routes and adaptation of its strategy and culture,
  • The explanation of its realistic solutions under a type of participation that is registered long-term in the Company organisation,
  • Transmission of the know-how methodically developed specifically for the project.

Our advantages...

  • A presence in initial stages and within professional organisations,
  • Teams which consist of essential experts for a good understanding of problematic: Financial aspects, legal, tax...