Construction, Public Work and Real Estate

The international real estate market has experienced significant upheaval and uncertainty since 2008. Booming property markets collapsed and the lack of liquidity and risk aversion in many jurisdictions has put a dampener on growth.
Our expertise in the Construction, Public Work, and Real Estate sectors

Sector challenges...

To finalise a project, it is necessary to:

  • Foresee conjunctive and competitive developments and also conquering of regional and international markets,
  • Maintaining of costs and optimisation of the added value insuring a quality service with respect to the environment,
  • Development of piloting tools and of result evaluation, and adapting of financial information to new accountancy norms and to the market’s demands.

Our response...

We offer a range of services centred on:

  • Creation and commencing of detection tools and of the piloting of Global Risks,
  • Creation and participation in the elaboration of preventative financial planning,
  • Commencing or homogenisation of accountancy methods and internal procedures,
  • Follow-up of cultural restructuring operations.

Our advantages...

A specialised and dedicated team is on hand for services to projects with experience in:

  • Construction and Public Work: management of complaints concerning Works, financial engineering,

Real Estate promotion: following up of work progresses, tax Real Estate.