Our managing team

The Mazars team in Spain is composed of more than 400 qualified professionals that are pushed every day to obtain the levels of excellence expected of them whilst being supported in the development of their talents and individual aptitudes to help us offer the best possible service to our clients.

Mazars is characterized for having a multidisciplinary team, in other words our team is formed of economists, lawyers, auditors, actuaries, engineers... So that every case is analyzed from different points of view meaning we can always offer integrated and complete solutions.

Mazars is the first large integrated Group that works under the rules of a partnership. It belongs to its partners who manage it collectively. Unlike similar companies, the Mazars Group acts as one company, with the responsibilities centralized in a managerial structure with representatives of the principal geographical areas.

This structure allows the Group to think, to decide and to act collectively, which awards a significant competitive advantage that is reflected in the quality of the coordination and the management of the professional services that we offer.

To meet quality requirements, our Human Resources policy is based on selective employment, open to different backgrounds, with an offer of different activities and on the basis of a program of continual training.

At Mazars in Spain there are currently 42 partners and the Management team is made up of 4 partners including the president who is elected every four years.

Our team leaders