Tax compliance and tax assurance

Efficient handling of a growing workload.

The constant modifications of tax regulations make correct compliance with tax obligations an increasingly complex task.  This situation, together with the higher level of information required by the Tax Administration, and its use of new technologies and artificial intelligence to search for possible non-compliance, explains why rigorous compliance is essential for all economic operators, in order to avoid the negative consequences of non-compliance. 

Our approach

We count with the necessary knowledge and tools to implement regulatory compliance procedures in the tax field, with the aim of developing a management system that facilitates the tax risks’ identification, prevention and detection, thereby avoiding complementary liquidations, imposition of penalties or the commission of crimes against the Public Treasury; and helping in the creation of control mechanisms and in the mitigation of tax risks.

Our services 

For this purpose, our services comprise a wide range of actions and processes, with the aim of establishing the most appropriate control mechanisms to guarantee correct compliance with regulations (tax compliance system), taking into account the specific and particular circumstances of each operator, including:

  • Establishment of regulatory compliance policies and a code of best tax practices.
  • Assistance to the tax compliance body, as a control and supervision body of the management system, and assessment of the resources assigned within the organisation for the performance of its functions.
  • Identification and assessment of the tax risks likely to be committed in the organisation.
  • Definition of the financial and non-financial controls that serve to mitigate or prevent the tax risks identified by the organisation.
  • Definition of objectives to improve the tax compliance management system.
  • Creation of a Compliance Culture.
  • Conducting an internal audit of the tax compliance system.
  • Informing senior management and the governing body.
  • Definition of performance indicators for the tax compliance management system.
  • Implementation of a channel for complaints and queries.