Support in the implementation of an anti-corruption program

Mazars’ experts assess and support you in the diagnosis, implementation and improvement of your anti-corruption programs.

They operate

  • In countries seriously affected by corruption.
  • In regulated markets and where it is necessary to obtain permits and licenses.

Their activities involve

  • Management of long-term complex, high-importance contracts.
  • Interactions with multiple collaborators (intermediaries, JVs, subcontractors) or with governments, public organizations or state-owned entities.
  • Significant cross-border flows.

Their challenges

loupe anti-corruption
Marteau anti-corruption
check box anti-corruption
Network anti-corruption

Evaluate your exposure to the risk of corruption according to your activities, implementations and operations 

Comply with the anticorruption regulations and legislation 

Respond more efficiently and sustainably to the corruption risks to which you are exposed

Distribute a strong corporate culture to all levels of your organization, in which corruption is strictly prohibited.

Our service offering 

Our experts assess you and support you in the diagnosis, implementation and improvement of your anti-corruption programs.

Characterization of the risks:

  • Identification and evaluation of the risks associated with the company’s activities and their implementation.
  • Risk map

Analysis of the control environment:

  • Identification of the existing approaches to internal control
  • Assessment of the conception of internal control approaches related to the exposure to the risk of corruption.

Definition of the anti-corruption program:

  • Conception and improvement of the code of ethics, policies and procedures that make up the company’s anti-corruption mechanism
  • Improvement in the existing controls and elaboration of specific internal control tools for the prevention of corruption.
  • Implementation of the « Compliance » organization
  • Distribution of the anti-corruption mechanism within the group and conception of Reporting tools
  • Creation of a specific training program