Management of equality and diversity

The creation of an inclusive space in equality of opportunities fosters the people’s satisfaction and highest performance. The appropriate management of equality and diversity must be part of the corporate strategy. The implementation of programmes and policies in this fields implies benefits that could be reflected in the company’s long-term sustainability, reinforcing its governance and performance.


  • Reduction or elimination of costs generated by gender or diversity discrimination, entailing the inefficient us of human resources available to the company.
  • Anticipation of the increasing social and human resources management regulation, such as the obligation to publish non-financial information, the obligation to define strategies to achieve equality.
  • Higher ability to attract, generate loyalty in and retain the talent, reduce labour absenteeism and rotation, improve the staff’s satisfaction, flexibility, pride of belonging and creativity.



  • Diagnosis, design and implementation of the Equality Plan in agreement with Royal Decree-Law 6/2019, of 1 March, of urgent measures to guarantee equal treatment and opportunities for women and men in employment and occupation.
  • External management of the Whistleblowing Channel ( to ensure higher confidentiality and independence levels.
  • Protocol for the Prevention and Action Against Workplace, Sexual and Moral Harassment (“Mobbing”).
  • Internal regulation of surveillance camera systems in facilities.
  • Protocol for the registration of employees’ working hours (arrival and departure).
  • Diagnosis and development of a Comprehensive Regulation for labour policies and procedures.


  • Specialized Assurance Services.
  • Specific independent verification reports of salary gap studies or non-financial reports under international standards (ISAE 3000).
  • Advice in the elaboration of an adjusted salary gap analysis to be able to identify explainable causes and focus on those that require action.
  • Support in the definition and elaboration of the Salary Record Protocol in compliance with the new Royal Decree Law 6/2019


  • Design of the Equality Plan, including other diversity factors, such as age, origin, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity, religion or beliefs, etc.
  • Training, preparation and awareness in equality of opportunities.
  • Definition of balancing and labour disconnection measures.
  • Advice in the definition of sustainability communication and reporting strategies on elements linked to equality, diversity and inclusion.
  • Support in the elaboration of reports under international standards and programmes, such as GRI or ODS.