Reorganised, checked and certified inventory

Our client sells buses produced by the parent company and performs repairs and maintenance for the Group's buses. The service quality is of high importance as the brands serviced are premium brands. Mazars designed new procedures for stocktaking, staff training and warehouse organisation for the client.


For several years, the existence of spare parts stock could not be properly tested due to poor warehouse organisation and improper stocktaking procedures, which lead to qualified audit reports. Poor warehouse organisation also impacted the performance of repairs and maintenance.


The Mazars team proposed a series of actions to improve warehouse organisation that allowed the client to more quickly identify and locate items. In addition, new stocktaking procedures were drafted and, following a training organised for the client's employees on the new stocktaking procedures, an inventory was taken by mixed teams – Mazars and client employees.


Warehouse organisation improved significantly and allowed the client to increase the stocktaking performance for two consecutive years.

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