Susana Dabán Fernández

Susana Daban ByN.jpg

Susana is B.Sc. in Business Administration and Management by Universidad de Barcelona, postgraduate in financial audit and chartered accountant in Spain, being member of the Official Registry of Chartered Accountants (ROAC) since 2002. She is also member of the ACCID.

Susana started her professional career as manager of the accounting and finance department in a SME. Subsequently, she joined Mazars in Barcelona in 1996. Since then, she has developed her professional career in financial audit of international and national groups of the industrial and service sector, being specialized in the automotive industry, venture capital and concessionaires of public infrastructures as well as in consolidation of financial statements. She coordinates the audit of Spanish groups with subsidiaries abroad.

Additionally, Susana has developed multidisciplinary skills through her periodic involvement in Financial Advisory Service projects, mainly financial due diligences, as well as in internal audit projects.

She is partner of Mazars Spain since 2012.