Corporate / Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Corporate transactions, mergers and acquisitions, both national and international, constitute one of Mazars’ main activities. We manage these transactions by working jointly with tax and accounting consultants and financial experts, allowing us to provide comprehensive solutions to complex tasks.

In 2009, our firm received the award «Cross-Border Law Firm of the Year» in the ACQ Global Awards in London, thanks to its work on the joint venture of NYSE Euronext and Qatar Exchange.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Purchases and sales, mergers, acquisitions and business reorganizations require an in-depth knowledge and experience in corporate, tax, anti-monopolist and labour matters, as well as of financial aspects and specific regulations applicable to each sector. Throughout time, we have provided advice in numerous transactions on shareholdings and businesses, both in the public and private sectors. As a result, we have reached all of our customers’ satisfaction, from multinationals to small-sized entities, banks, funds and investors. We are specialized in most sectors, including automobile, logistics, telecom, insurances, energy, pharmaceutical and financial.

  • Private equity and venture capital (PE/VC)

Our extensive experience in structuring of investment funds has provided us an in-depth knowledge of financial investors’ business models. We represent our customers in purchase projects, provide advice on the acquisition of portfolios for secondary funds, and represent their management teams in all types of transactions. We have been the main advisors of reference for this kind of funds and investors from their initial stage, through the business development, until the final exit.

  • Initial Public Offering (IPOs)

The IPO has always been an attractive way to attract capital for issuers. Our team of advisors in capital markets, together with experts in banking and finance, has rendered their professional assistance in numerous flotations, as well as in secondary offers and private placements with institutional investors. In general, our assistance is required for entities throughout this process, but we also provide punctual advice to underwriters or members of the banking union.

  • Privatizations and Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)

Infrastructure and PPP projects are an important part of our practice. Our privatization team focuses in airports, train stations, networks, hospitals and prisons. We also count with a wide experience in structuring projects in emerging markets in East Europe, Mid-West and North Africa, where we represent investors and private and public financial institutions. Structuring, negotiating and implementing complex Joint Ventures is a comprehensive part of this business and of our professional activity.

  • Corporate

Finally, we provide advice to investors and companies on corporate aspects related to mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings and other ways to obtain funds. Our legal experts design and prepare agreements among shareholders, bylaws and specific rules on investment funds in order to ensure appropriate rights to shareholders and the management’s responsibility.

The main areas of our corporate practice are the following:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Private equity and venture capital
  • Initial Public Offerings
  • Privatizations and private-public partnerships
  • Corporate Governance