Valuation Services

Mazars’ team counts with a wide professional, training and researching experience within the valuation of companies and investment projects, either in large companies, listed entities, family-owned businesses or recently created companies.

On the basis of an in-depth study of key value creation factors of the company subject to analysis, we will analyze the customer’s business plan, determining the value generation capacity, to establish its fair value range. For such purpose, Mazars counts with the necessary tools and uses generally-accepted valuation methodologies in the financial sector at international level.

MAZARS offers its valuation service in all situations where an estimation of fair value is essential:

• Independent advice to Investment Committees
• Independent advice to Boards of Directors and shareholders
• Advice in investment decisions and project finance
• Advice in corporate transactions
• Value analysis in the company’s strategic development
• Value-based management
• Analysis and support in the allocation of acquisition prices and analysis of value impairment
• Valuation of intangible assets and goodwill
• Independent experts’ reports
• Support in tax planning
• Support in litigations

Additionally, MAZARS offers its analysis service in the elaboration of fairness opinions for those corporate situations where it is necessary to count with a valuation from an independent expert who is not linked to the transaction.

Mazars counts with a solid experience in numerous industries and with the support from its sector specialists worldwide, cooperating with accounting and tax experts in complex situations which require their involvement.