In Mazars Forensic we count with a wide experience in economic-financial and IT advice both within disputes and litigations and in fraud prevention and investigation, preparing solid expert evidence to be presented and ratified, where applicable, before Tribunals and Arbitration Courts and in mediation procedures and disputes in transactions

In the current world, companies operate in an increasingly complex global environment where the eventual existence of litigation situations and disputes, the growing regulatory requirements and risks derived from fraudulent conducts require quick solvent responses by organizations, to be able to anticipate and mitigate costs inherent to these situations.

In Mazars Forensic, we count with a wide experience in the different jurisdictions (civil-corporate, contentious administrative, social-labour…), as well as in arbitration courts.

Our Firm’s customers benefit from exhaustive substantiated expert reports, which contribute an understanding of the matter in dispute from the economic-financial standpoint, and allow the objective assessment of the impact of caused damages.

In Mazars Forensic, we assist and provide advice to our customers in the following fields:

Independent Expert Services

We act in all types of situations which require an expert opinion from the economic-financial standpoint and its ratification in the corporate, civil, criminal or labour fields, as well as in national and international arbitrations. Among others, our services cover the following aspects:

  • Accreditation and quantification of damages
    • Analysis and quantification of damages (emerging damage, loss of profit…) caused by third parties or derived from claims.
    • Analysis and valuation of the economic impact associated to the lack of compliance with or termination of agreements (determination of the origin and quantification of the compensation for customers, among other scenarios).
    • Analysis and quantification of claims in situations of economic-financial unbalance within the frame of public service concessions.
  • Support in disputes of Sales and Purchase Agreements (SPA)
    • Advice in negotiations prior to court proceedings in relation to complex economic concepts incorporated to the agreement, potentially conflictive clauses (Early Case Assessment).
    • Application of price adjustment mechanisms (i.e. Net Debt, Working Capital, earn-out clause) for interpretation divergences or lack of compliance.
    • Application of guarantee clauses.
    • Disputes among shareholders (shares’ valuation, etc.).
  • Objective dismissal causes
    • Preparation and ratification of expert reports evidencing before labour Tribunals the existence of objective dismissal causes.

Fraud prevention and investigation services

We provide advice to our customers in the prevention and evaluation of risks of fraud as well as in the identification of fraud practices and irregular conducts in the company. Among others, our services cover the following aspects:

  • Management and prevention of the risk of fraud
    • Advice to the company in the evaluation of risks of fraud and in the determination of the most appropriate strategies to mitigate them, through the understanding of the business’ risks and identification of eventual deficiencies in existing controls.
  • Fraud investigation
    • Investigation of financial and electronic frauds.
    • In-depth analysis of financial statements and accounting records in order to identify errors, guidelines indicating fraud conduct and operations without apparent justification.
    • Processing and analysis of large volumes of information.
    • Identification of persons in charge and achievement of evidences.
    • Achievement and conservation of digital evidence.
    • We integrate all gathered evidences into solid reports that show, in a clear and understandable way for Tribunals, arguments confirming our conclusions, based on a solid, consistent and appropriately documented economic-financial and accounting criteria and methodology.

Services are jointly rendered with our team of Governance, Risk Management & Compliance

Other services

  • Reports related to disputes on inheritance, legacies, etc.

In Mazars, we offer objective, independent and solidly reasoned quantifications in relation to the matter under dispute, and relevant for our customer’s claim. Furthermore, in the case of fraud investigation, we make available an objective valuation and quantification of damages, as well as the identification of persons in charge and achievement of solid and forceful evidences in relation to fraud or irregularity.

We make available a team specialized in sectors and with experience in negotiation and investigation, both at national and at international levels; we operate in an organization where finance, transactional operations, accounting expertise, financial reporting, modelling, restructuring and control are essential.