Corporate Finance

Our dedicated Corporate Finance team offers a wide financial experience and provides advice to management teams, shareholders and investors for the purpose of planning, executing and communicating their investment and financing projects, providing precision to their strategy.

In Mazars we count with a team of professionals with strong sectorial and functional experience, operating on an organization where finance, financial reporting, audit and control are an integral part of their DNA.

Our team will provide support and advice in the following fields:

  •  Business development:
    • Increase local business or expand at international level, merge or acquire new companies.
    • Obtain financing, become listed on an organized market, structure a management buy-out.
    • Value your business or shareholding, sell non-strategic assets.
  • Support on investment decisions
    • Achieve an in-depth financial knowledge on the target.
    • Optimize the transaction’s terms and conditions.
  • Advice and model projects
    • Advice in a transaction’s feasibility, offer on opportunities, assess and maximize portfolios’ values on investment projects.
    • Obtain funds/capital.
  • Public offerings and capital markets
    • Analyze an initial public offering project (IPO).
    • Comply with regulations.

Our Services:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Advice in purchase mandates.
    • Advice in sale mandates.
    • Assistance in MBO/MBI operations.
    • Mergers, Joint Ventures and Alliances.
  • Search for Financing
    • Search for industrial partners.
    • Capital Risk.
    • Support in IPOs.
    • Financing of projects with Debt.
  • Business plans
    • Analysis and revision of business plans.
    • Support in feasibility plans.
    • Preparation and review of financial models.
    • Audit of financial models.

In Mazars, we provide advice to make well-founded decisions to ensure the approach of our customers’ investment decisions and we offer bespoke assistance in every key stage of the organization’s life cycle, trying to reach the most optimal results on their complex business challenges.