Business Restructuring

Our team specialized in Business Restructuring offers a wide financial experience and provides advice to management teams, shareholders and investors to analyze their projects or companies’ situation, contributing immediate control and solutions in moments of crisis.

We assist and provide advice to our customers in:

  • Understanding the business or investment’s situation
    • Lack of control of the company’s situation.
    • Modelling of the business to be able to analyze different scenarios.
    • Lack of quality in the information received and its periodicity.
    • Decrease of demand and of the products’ margin.
  • Definition of the strategy and business plan
    • Strategic advice and definition of the business plan at short and mid-terms.
    • Analysis of abilities of the company’s management teams
  • Restructuring operations
    • Determination of the company’s restructuring needs (strategic, costs, personnel, financial, etc.).
    • Monitoring of the restructuring operation’s implementation
    • Assistance in the negotiation process with financial entities and other creditors
  • Management of Cash Crisis
    • Understand reason for cash stresses.
    • Understand reasons that worsen the collection term.
    • Need to improve self-financing: working capital
    • Search for financing for new projects or working capital.
    • Purchase and sale of deficit debt and/or assets
  • Review by independent Expert
    • Independent review of Business and Feasibility plans.
    • Evaluation of conditions, ratios and covenants imposed by entities and impact at short and mid-terms.
  • Exit strategies for investors
    • Arrangement with creditors, sale of assets or search for investors

Our Services:

  • Economic-financial advice
    • Strategic advice.
    • Design of dashboards.
    • Cash crisis management.
    • Interim management.
    • Independent review of feasibility or business plans.
    • Purchase and sale of deficit debt and/or assets
    • Exit strategies (bankruptcy, sale of assets, search for investors, etc.) 
  • Restructuring operations
    • Analysis, detection, advice and implementation of restructuring operations:
    • Strategic
    • Reconstruction
    • Financial
    • Costs / operative improvements
    • Personnel

Mazars offers a team of professionals with a strong sector and functional experience, operating in an organization where finance, financial reporting, modelling, restructuring and are an integral part of its DNA.