Labour Law and Social Security

“A common commitment”

Issues related to human capital are the most complex and important matters to be faced by any organization, since they can affect the productivity and create or damage the companies’ culture. Our sector specialization can improve an organization’s competitiveness and increase its appeal.

Mazars counts with a wide and diversified labour and Social Security practice, recognized both at national and international levels.

Our professional team takes care of our customers’ interests by assisting them in litigations, arbitrations, immigration and administrative procedures. We provide advice to our customers on national and international aspects.

In addition to the general advice on labour law, Mazars’ specialization field includes the following:

  • Mergers and acquisitions, and restructuring operations
  • Elaboration of labour agreements
  • Collective negotiations
  • Pensions and benefits
  • Litigations on employment and Social Security
  • Immigration
  • Mergers and acquisitions, and restructuring operations

We count with an extensive experience in the acquisition, sale, reorganization and restructuring of companies and of businesses, allowing us to efficiently and pragmatically deal with labour aspects related to merger and acquisition operations. Our labour and Social Security practice assists our customers on a daily basis in the preparation of their strategies and elaboration of all necessary documents based on the corresponding company or group’s financial situation, as well as on other pertinent factors.

  •  Elaboration of labour agreements

We offer our collaboration in the preparation, review and update of terms in your agreements to adapt to the particular needs of your business sector (for instance, non-competition clauses, remuneration…).

  •  Pensions and benefits

Our lawyers are particularly specialized in all legal aspects related to the establishment and functioning of pension plans, pensions’ restructuring agreements, pension plans in mergers and liquidations, and the corresponding conflicts, including proceedings in tribunals. Additionally, we are experts in providing advice regarding share option plans for employees and profit-sharing plans, long-term incentive plans for senior management, management’s involvement in shares’ acquisitions, and incentive plans for employees, including payments of benefits and shares’ phantom plans.

  • Litigations on employment, Social Security and criminal liability

Mazars takes into account litigation risks in the strategy to prevent conflicts and optimize labour relationships through negotiation.

Litigation lawyers of our Labour and of Social Security Practice count with a wide record of success in lawsuits before the Labour Tribunal. This experience includes Social Security legislation; for instance, in litigations on adjustments to contributions to the Social Security, work-related illnesses and labour accidents.

We also focus on specific criminal risks to which our customers could be exposed, assessing the criminal liability of the company’s management, establishing safeguarding mechanisms and dealing defence cases, if the risk is materialized.

  • Immigration-International mobility

The diverse entities represented by us usually request our advice on a wide range of immigration aspects, including work visas for employees at all levels, displacements of management members, directors and specialized employees, and other aspects related to mergers, acquisitions, divestments, deportations and eligibility for admissions. Furthermore, we provide advice to our customers to optimize mobility from the tax and corporate standpoints.

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