Legal services offered by Mazars focus both on multinational and local companies, with the clear objective of helping them to reach reliability and competitiveness in the development of their activities.

Professional principles that create value for our customers

Our cultural diversity and professional capacities in law and economy allow us to understand better our customers and their commercial environments.

We count with a wide capacity to assess and understand the business, which is essential to provide a good advice and top-quality solutions.

We respond to a changing environment, permanently supervising new developments and sharing our knowledge and experience with professionals within the firm, as well as with other experts with proven reputation in the profession we share. 

A transparent and efficient approach

In Mazars, every project is managed under the supervision of a dedicated partner who is available in all of the project’s stages, in order to ensure a fluent progress and successful results.

Our professionals are accustomed to work in teams created for our customers’ needs. These teams are sufficiently large so as to exploit al necessary knowledge and sufficiently small to optimize the reactivity, quickness and profitability.

Additionally, Mazars Tax & Legal is part of Marcalliance , a global alliance of independent legal and tax companies, including several firms in Europa, Asia and Africa. More information


Corporate Law

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“Mastering the game”

Within the business sector, we provide support and assistance to entities and businesses of all industry branches in the key areas of their value chain: research, development and licences, logistics and distribution, supply and production.

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Corporate / Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

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Corporate transactions, mergers and acquisitions, both national and international, constitute one of Mazars’ main activities. We manage these transactions by working jointly with tax and accounting consultants and financial experts, allowing us to provide comprehensive solutions to complex tasks.

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Advertising and unfair competition Law

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Mazars counts with an Advertising and Unfair Competition Law Department formed by professionals with over 10 years of experience.

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Litigations, Arbitration and Bankruptcy

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"The frontline of conflict resolution"

Mazars’ conflict resolution practice covers the whole range of litigations, from traditional litigations to arbitration and mediation, as well as other alternative conflict resolutions in national and international matters.

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Labour Law and Social Security

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“A common commitment”

Issues related to human capital are the most complex and important matters to be faced by any organization, since they can affect the productivity and create or damage the companies’ culture. Our sector specialization can improve an organization’s competitiveness and increase its appeal.

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Criminal Law

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We count with a wide experience in criminal economic law, intervening in all activities where the company may be liable.

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Public, Administrative and Regulatory law

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"We offer comprehensive advice in all areas of Pubic, Administrative and Regulatory Law, thanks to our team of professionals who count with more than 15 years of experience in these subjects.

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Public Procurements

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Mazars Public and Administrative Law department counts with a highly reputable and specialized team of experts in public procurement, with more than 15 years of experience in Public field.

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Urbanism and Land Planning

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We count with large experience in the analysis of estates’ urban system and conditions, administrative concessions, public properties, forced expropriations and comprehensive advice related to the execution of large infrastructures and urban planning.

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Real Estate

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“Building projects for the future”

The real estate sector and related investments are important economic factors. They usually imply important expenses and are frequently subject to government regulations and political influences, as in the case of the purchase and sale of public properties.

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