Administrative and accounting services

Our backoffice department prepares the accounting and financial reports, allowing the fulfillment of financial information needs in the required deadlines.

Our services include:

  • Outsourcing of the accounting and tax management.
  • General bookkeeping and supervision, in our own system or using the client’s system.
  • Financial reports, management indicators, consolidation and interim packages (Viareport experience).
  • Preparation of accounting consolidations.
  • Individual and consolidated annual accounts.
  • Legalization of official accounting records and deposit of annual accounts in the House of Companies.
  • Tax returns (tax compliance).
  • Management of specific areas: fixed assets, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash.
  • Annual accounts and Tax Compliance for companies whose accounts are kept under SSC.
  • Adaptation of local GAAP into USGAAP and vice versa.

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Labour and accounting outsourcing

Companies of any size can improve their competitiveness through outsourcing. Know our solutions and the benefits that our clients are getting

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