Banking and Financial Law

Our banking and financing practice joins forces with our experts in Mergers and Acquisitions, and Capital Markets, in order to provide advice on acquisitions of financial institutions, asset managers and suppliers of related services.

We provide top-quality advice on legal aspects and services based on our extensive experience and knowledges of the banking and tax legislation, and of accounting standards. We provide advice to European legislators in the project of the Directive on Alternative Investment Fund Managers.

  • Our practical regulation

We count with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of financial markets and institutions, such as securities exchange, stock market rating agencies and asset managers. We provide advice to stock market rating agencies and securities exchanges on regulatory aspects, helping them to reinforce their position in the market and acquire businesses compatible in several jurisdictions. Furthermore, we provide assistance to financial institutions in the negotiation of their business plans with regulating authorities.

  • Investment funds

Our practice of investment funds combines teams of tax and corporate lawyers with experts in capital markets. We provide advice to collective investment funds on the compliance with the tax legislation and other regulatory aspects. We render guidance on the structuring of open and closed real estate funds, as well as on private capital funds, funds of funds, or secondary funds. We structure and provide advice to suppliers of Exchange Traded Funds (ETF).

  •  Debt instruments

Our Acquisition Financing and Corporate/Mergers and Acquisitions teams work jointly to structure and negotiate a transaction’s financing and assist with the corresponding documentation. We provide advice on all levels of financing structures and negotiate agreements among creditors, hybrid instruments and derivatives.

Real estate financing may be standard, but it is also very complex. We hold a wide experience in providing advice to banks and borrowers. We have participated in all types of financing transactions, from simple financing and mortgages to more complex instruments, including hybrid financing structures.

The abovementioned teams provide assistance to structure asset-based financing programmes and leasing and factoring transactions, to assess possible solutions and reduce risks, and to assist our customers with the corresponding documentation.

  • Project finance

 Mazars’ Project Finance team focuses in Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), infrastructures, construction and renewable energy projects throughout Europe. We provide legal and tax services.

Our team’s specialization includes the retail sale, banking, property and renewable energy, as well as PPP projects.

  • International development aid institutions

Marccus Partners’ customers also include several international development aid institutions, which constitute one of our main focus emerging markets. With a wide experience in projects with donors in Asia and Africa, we focus on project finance, in the development of legal systems and in the scope of governments and large entities with regards to social and environmental responsibility to increase their access to international financing.

Areas of practice:

  • Financial institutions
  • Investment funds
  • Financing of acquisitions
  • Real estate financing
  • Asset-backed financing
  • Project financing
  • Development aid institutions