Your IT systems play an important part in supporting your business processes and administration. Because important financial information is also held in your IT systems it means they have to be audited as well. An IT (EDP) audit will make sure that this information is reliable and that any risks with these systems can be managed.

At Mazars we have a team of highly qualified IT auditors, including ERP specialists. They have years of experience and knowledge of a wide range of ICT applications. We employ Certified Information Systems Auditors (CISA) who are registered with the ISACA, the international body of EDP auditors. We can:

  • Analyse your IT systems
  • Reorganise and/or reconfigure your information system processes
  • Advise on security and risk computing
  • Evaluate your internal IT controls e.g. ”French Financial Security Law (LSF)”, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)
  • Help you meet national and international regulation requirements


We can work to improve your technology and security by:

  • Assessing your logistical and technical security
  • Auditing your systems
  • Analysing data produced by information systems
  • Evaluating IT functions
  • Creating a continuity plan


We have developped a complete suite of data analysis called "Scan-D", allowing us to check your main processes.

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La actual situación provocada por el COVID-19 (teletrabajo, un uso más intensivo de las tecnologías de conexión…) está provocando un incremento de los delitos relacionados con la seguridad de la información: estafas, robo de credenciales mediante “phishing”, ficheros maliciosos… Todo ello puede tener un posible impacto tanto desde un punto de vista reputacional como de compliance. Para afrontar con garantías esta situación, las compañías deben tener un enfoque integral de riesgos que cubra todos los aspectos relacionados con la seguridad integral de la información.