Transport & Logistics

Today, actors in the Transport & Logistics Industry find themselves in a environment undergoing profound changes: skyrocketing prices of raw materials, hardening of regulatory and environmental constraints, globalisation and the intensification of the cross-border flow of goods linked to the widespread opening up of competition, expansion of the e-commerce industry…

Mazars accompanies diverse actors of the Transport & Logistics Industry throughout each phase of their development. Our teams, at the forefront of technical standards, combine both a deep knowledge of the major issues facing your sector and an intricate understanding of the individual challenges your organisations must surmount and thus provide you with the support and tailor-made solutions you need to succeed


Proven practice

Mazars' Transport & Logistics practice brings together multidisciplinary teams from all over the...

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Stay inControl

Governance remains a high priority for international companies as they expand into new markets....

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