Technology, Media and Communication

We have dedicated media professionals in key countries with strong experience within the ecosystem

Sector challenges...

Ahead of an atmosphere greatly affected by financial scandals, and a sector necessarily related to technological development and with new communication plans, companies are in search of:

  • An anticipatory capacity and growing reactive capability.
  • Better identification of evolutionary needs.

Our Response...

Our sector expertise is based on:

  • Real pursuit of change and evolution of technical and economical surroundings.
  • Great capacity to adapt based on the idea that each situation is unique and needs a “tailor-made” answer more than a strict systematic initiation to a methodological model.

Our advantages...

  • Control of specific problems of the active sector.

Great added courage, with tradition in specialising on our collaborators, reinforcing their intervening efficiency.

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Managing Risk in Digital Age- Online Questionnaire

Survey : Managing Risk in the Digital Age

2016 proved to be another sensational year for the global e-commerce industry, with an estimated $2,671 billion in online sales. E-commerce undeniably opens the door to a wealth of competitive advantages and opportunities, but what are the RISKS involved and how are companies managing them?