Evolution of the construction sector in Europe

Our report, "a return to growth for leading European construction companies" analyses the evolution of the construction sector in Europe during the year 2016 from a sample that includes 15 of the largest European groups (four of them Spanish).

The document examines both the growth of its activity and that of its operating margins. It also includes a chapter that analyses the evolution of the main sub-sectors (construction and public works; Roads and railways; energy and services; real estate; concessions and infrastructures) of the industry and its trends for the next years.

The average activity of the 15 large analyzed groups-representing 22% of the sector in Europe-was reduced slightly (-1.1%) compared to the previous year. This figure is explained because the large groups included in the sample were more selective when embarking on new projects, putting more focus on the operating margin (it has increased a few tenths, +0.2 pt) than on the overall growth of the activity, and the back to your core business.



This greater focus on the operating margin has been translated, according to the report, in an improvement of this indicator in all the sub-sectors analyzed thanks to a greater search for profitability, the selection of geographic areas more attractive for investment (such as EE). With its latest investment plan, or the continued effort to reduce costs, among other reasons.  

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