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Sustainability: Technology enabled

The Economist Intelligence Unit wrote a set of articles sponsored by Mazars focusing on the role of regulation and technology in relation to sustainability. In this article, the rapid expansion of technologies around sustainability practice and reporting – from ESG-themed data mining to blockchain voting – is explored.

Technology and Sustainability: Five innovations defining the future

As the call for increased transparency and accountability from companies on their environmental, social and governance efforts continues, companies spend signficant time and effort in identifying how to consistently capture meaningful and reliable non-financial data to share with their stakeholders. Digital solutions could offer them support in this challenge.

Mazars’ #InsideMyPhone Global Campaign

we invite students and young professionals to experience the innovative ways its people work in today’s fast moving, dynamic world.
Participants in the immersive, interactive experience who earn badges and complete the journey get a chance to win a FREE trip and see immediate Mazars job openings.

Análisis de los Informes de Solvencia y Situación Financiera de las Entidades Aseguradoras y Reaseguradoras Europeas

Por segundo año consecutivo, Mazars ha llevado a cabo un examen de los informes de solvencia y situación financiera. El análisis del año pasado se centró en informes de entidades francesas, pero el actual estudio se ha ampliado para incluir a 15 entidades europeas sujetas a la directiva de Solvencia II, que entró en vigor el 1 de enero de 2016 y que ha cambiado radicalmente el marco regulatorio de las entidades y empresas aseguradoras europeas.

Jornada "Nuevos modelos de innovacion: la gran empresa con la startup”

La llegada de la 4ª revolución industrial, donde las tecnologías disruptivas como la inteligencia artificial, la robótica o la biotecnología van a provocar un cambio en la sociedad como nunca se ha vivido anteriormente, ha motivado un encuentro organizado por la Asociación de amistad Mujeres Avenir y que ha contado con el patrocinio de Mazars.

Are ICOs the new future of start-ups?

The term Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a common buzzword in investment circles these days. While these ICOs are distant cousins of IPOs (in the sense that both share the objective of helping firms raise capital from various sources), their likely timing and means of achieving funds are quite different.

Global Ecommerce Survey 2017

Digitalisation is changing the way retailers sell goods and services, as well as the way that customers purchase them, bringing a multitude of opportunities and new risks.