How to Evaluate Good Corporate Governance Practices

A healthy corporate culture is very similar to a healthy political culture: it progresses in an environment where commitment and equity are valued and where people feel they are involved in their future.

Aunque el Brexit del Reino Unido despertó inquietudes sobre el desapego, por parte de la élite política, de las preocupaciones de los votantes de a pie, también ha demostrado a la primera ministra Theresa May que la cultura corporativa británica necesita un buen chequeo médico.

Although the UK's Brexit raised concerns about the political elite's detachment from the concerns of ordinary voters, it has also shown Prime Minister Theresa May that British corporate culture needs a good medical check-up.

May's proposal for reform in the area of ​​corporate governance, in which workers would occupy several positions in the boards of supervision of companies, grabbed many headlines. In addition, the debate on corporate governance in the United Kingdom, launched by Parliament's Business, Energy and Industry Strategy Committee (BEIS), has further extended this debate. In particular, the consultation seeks to identify what works, and what not, in relation to the remuneration of executives, the roles of directors and the composition of councils.

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