Franchise Brochure

Our approach helps brands and franchisees throughout their development process under the concept of independent organized trade, which adapts to the needs, strategy and objectives of each project.

The franchise market enjoys good health in Spain, both from the point of view of turnover, and by the number of establishments and jobs generated. However, to continue along the path of growth and make it sustainable over time, the industry has a number of challenges pending.

One of them is internationalization; The exit to the outside beyond the borders of the mark is not simple thing. Financing is another major challenge; In this sense, the participation of financial institutions is imperative. And, third, the industry must put value into franchising as a strategy to boost the growth of companies.

These challenges require, in many cases, a partner with the necessary experience and capacity to be able to accompany the franchises throughout their expansion and consolidation process.


Brochure Franquicias
Brochure Franquicias