Mazars and ONCE Foundation come together to promote the employment of people with disabilities

Antoni Bover, President of Mazars Spain, and the executive vice president of the ONCE Foundation, Alberto Durán, have signed an Insert Agreement in Madrid to promote the employment of persons with disabilities. The agreement is part of the Operational Programs of Social Inclusion and Social Economy (Poises) and Youth Employment (POEJ), which is being developed by the ONCE Foundation through Inserta, with the co-financing of the European Social Fund and the Youth Employment Initiative , to increase the training and employment of people with disabilities

Antoni Bover has explained that he is pleased "to be able to work in the promotion of employment of persons with disabilities together with the ONCE Foundation, one of the reference entities in this area". "This collaboration agreement shows our firm commitment to live our values, including the promotion of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, which will contribute to creating the economic foundations of a more just and prosperous world." he added.

For his part, Alberto Durán has assured that having the collaboration of a professional services firm such as Mazars offers the ONCE Foundation an opportunity to capture the talent of people with disabilities and, in addition, the company becomes a prescriber of the management of diversity helping to make the disability visible and normalize it socially and businessly.

Mazars will have Inserta Empleo, an entity for training and employment of Fundación ONCE, to address the selection processes of candidates for jobs that the firm may need, as well as to develop possible training and professional qualification actions.

The agreement also contemplates the promotion of other actions that favor the labor insertion of people with disabilities indirectly through collaboration with special employment centers.

This agreement entails the accession of Mazars to the Responsible Insert Forum, a platform for networking and social innovation that makes it possible to share practices, tools and experiences that favor the effective development of labor insertion policies for disabled talent.