How to optimize the value of your company in the current context

Any strategy must pivot around the objective to preserve the value in key areas, and to leverage them in order to, where possible, optimize the value in a new environment. It is essential to prioritize actions that do not affect the business value, while defining a strategy to achieve the maximum speed of adaptation to a new environment.

Companies’ needs in the COVID-19 environment:


The design and execution of the strategy to adapt to the new COVID-19 environment requires, for companies with financial challenges, the multidisciplinary involvement of specialists from the financial, legal and transactional fields who, jointly and co-ordinately, execute the strategy designed to reach the established objectives . SEE MORE


Many companies could face a situation in which they must implement or adopt a series of measures, immediately or at the mid-long run. Such measures must focus on maintaining the activity in the new normality. The supply chain and/or areas such as customer management or sales are essential in this sense. SEE MORE


The current situation derived from the COVID-19 (remote working, a more intensive use of connection technologies…) is causing an increase of information security-related crimes: scams, theft of credentials through phishing, malicious files… All this could have a possible impact both from the reputation and from the compliance standpoint. In order to face this situation with guarantees, the companies must have a comprehensive risk approach covering all aspects related to the integrated information security (strategic, financial, marketing, methodologies, operations, services, customers, employees, shareholders, IT…). SEE MORE


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