Covid-19: WEBINAR about the financial impact and in the M&A market

In the webinar that La Chambre organized last Tuesday, April 28, our Financial Advisory Services team, in addition to explaining what aspects companies should consider, from a financial point of view, both in the short and medium term, also analyzed the effect that the current crisis may have in the market for mergers and acquisitions (medium-term forecasts, impact on company valuations, etc.).


Alberto Martínez.jpg

Alberto Martínez,  Financial Advisory Services PartnerHe has led transaction services projects (buyer and seller Due Diligences), business valuation, analyses of business plans, forensic (SPA disputes, valuation of consequential damages and loss of profit…) in Advisory and Audit. Within this context, Alberto counts with a broad view of the company, with experience and knowledge in the financial and accounting fields, as well as in the business analysis and planning.


Agustín Fernández MiretCorporate Finance Partner. He is part of the firm’s global corporate finance teams at worldwide level. He counts with a wide experience providing advice in mergers and acquisitions, search for financing and financial advice within the framework of investments and divestments.

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César García, Valuation area Director. He has assumed the responsibility for numerous projects as financial advisor for a large variety of customers in several business sectors. Among others, these works have many consisted on business mergers and acquisitions, valuations, business refinancing and restructuring operations, analyses of feasibility plans, etc., both at national and international levels.