COVID-19 Talks

COVID-19 Talks is a series of podcasts in which our experts analyse the key aspects that companies should take into account to respond to the COVID-19 crisis, either now due to immediate needs or in order to be prepared for the coming months.

(4) PODCAST: Financial impact and the impact on the M&A market

From a financial point of view, what aspects must companies take into consideration both short and medium term? How will the crisis affect mergers and acquisitions and what are the expectations in this market for the future?

Alberto Martínez, partner in charge of Financial Advisory Services. He has wide experience in Transaction Services projects and is a specialist in financial advice to large international groups, as well as in the analysis of business plans.

Agustín Fernández-Miret, partner in Corporate Finance. He specialises in merger and acquisition consultancy, the search for financing and finance consultancy within the framework of investments and divestitures.

César García, director in charge of the Valuations area. Expert in valuations, refinancing and company restructurings or analysis of viability plans, in projects at national level as well as international.


(3) WEBINAR: Analisis of legal and labour measures (in french)

Extract of Anne Viard’s and David Vilajoana’s participation in the webinar organized by French Founders upon the economic and corporate impact of COVID-19

Anne Viard p.jpg

Anne Viard, partner.  Anne has led projects in the Industry and Services sector with a specialisation in multinational clients operating in the Auto, Transport & Logistics, Distribution and Food sectors.

David Vilajoana.jpg

David Vilajoana, partner. David specialises in restructuring and collective bargaining plans at labour level.


(2) PODCAST: TAX Impact

What are the tax consequences of the measures approved by the Government to date? What aspects must entities take into consideration in the coming months? What impact will the current crisis have from the point of view of transfer prices?

David Cañabate p.jpg

David Cañabate, partner in charge of the area of Transfer Pricing. He has wide experience in analysis, diagnosis and implementation of transfer pricing policies, as well as in transfer pricing due diligence, validation of restructuring operations and inspections.

M.Angel Araque pp.jpg

Miguel Ángel Araque, partner in the area of Tax. Miguel Ángel specialises in Corporate Tax, Tax Treaties and International Taxation. Likewise, he has wide experience in comprehensive tax advice



(1) PODCAST: Contracts in force with suppliers and clients 

What implications could the situation generated by COVID-19 have on private contracts?: Can they be suspended?, Can they be breached?, Can, for example, compliance be delayed or be complied with in another way?, ¿Who should bear the risk of the breach in these circumstances?

Clementina p.jpg

Clementina Barreda , partner in charge of the area of Commercial and Regulatory Law. She is a specialist in Commercial Law and consultant to national and multinational companies in corporate, contractual and industrial and intellectual property matters. 

Antonio Perales p.jpg

Antonio Perales, partner in charge of Public Law and Real Estate Law. Antonio advises public and private corporations and associations that purchase, sell, build and invest in the real estate industry.  



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